More about the game

The goal:

Reaching the levelexit is only secondary. Your real goal is to collect as many of the 20 coins located in each level as possible. To get them all, a perfect run is necessary. However, only about half of all the coins in the game are needed to unlock level.

The means:

In addition to jumping, the player has one more ability. At any time, he can generate a forcefield around him. When doing that, certain cristals will push him away or pull him towards them, much like a magnet. The uses are manifold, from prolonging your jump to sticking to the ceiling.

The obstacles:

Rolling boulders, deadly pits and falling spikes will be constant companions and every hit means instant death. There are, however, no enemys in the game aside from the environment.

The controls:

You can lean the controls in the tutorial, but I’ll write them down nevertheless.
You can use your keyboard or a gamepad. The controls are optimized for the Xbox 360 gamepad. I’m sorry if the layout sucks for your gamepad.


Move: WASD or Arrowkeys
Jump: Space
Forcefield: Control or Shift
Exit level: Stand in front of an exit and press Up or Down
Restart level: R
Back to menu: Escape or Backspace


Move: Left stick
Jump: A
Forcefield: Right bumper
Exit level: Stand in front of an exit and press Y
Restart level: X
Back to menu: Back

You can switch between Fullscreen and windowed mode by pressing F4. You can make a screenshot by pressing F9. If the gamepadcontrols start behaving weird (happens very seldomly), let the stick go and press Tab.
You can turn off the sound and select a language (german/english) in the menu.

The game is done with Gamemaker 8.0 (
All grafics are selfmade with photoshop and maya.
The sounds are selfmade or taken from free sounddatabases. (You’ll never guess what we used for the walking sound.)


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